Choosing The Best Rainfall Shower Heads

Consider your bathroom style

The bathroom design had to be a modern design and sophisticated to fix a rainfall shower head. Setting a rainfall shower head in a bathroom with a design of the decades is going to be misplaced and may not match the bathroom. If your bathroom has an old layout, you can choose to update the model by including modern finishes e.g. changing the walls or repainting the walls or putting wallpaper to ensure that the rainfall shower head fits and suits your bathroom design. As you fix the best rain shower head, you have to make sure that you update the plumbing fixtures to contemporary designs and models. Also, include modern bathroom countertops.


Consider the shape

wwqqxxzRainfall showers come in two shapes in square and round. The selection of the shape is purely based on the other items in the bathroom. If you have a square bathtub, you are safe in choosing a square rainfall shower. Square heads are suitable for contemporary bathrooms with jagged edges.

Consider the size

Shower heads vary in size from 6 inches to 10 inches. The full the shower head the more water you have to pour but with less pressure as compared to shower heads with smaller heads that water ‘rains’ in a greater pressure.

Ceiling or wall mounting

Both wall and ceiling mount have advantages and disadvantages. Ceiling mounting was accessible in the old days however the cost of plumbing running through the bathroom ceiling is quite huge. Wall mounted shower heads have gained popularity with the contemporary bathroom designs. The shower heads still give similar results whether mounted on a ceiling or a wall. The shower arm reaches out to a point above your head, and the water still flows. The mounts look different because of the positioning, however, have different price points. Therefore, it should be selected carefully.

Consider the finish

After deciding on the shape, positioning and size it is crucial to choose a finish that either matches or compliments other finishes in the bathroom. There are many finishing varieties to choose from either metal tones, brushed, oiled, polished and rubbed finishes. It is common to mix and match your finish to avoid too match finishing.

Consider the Cost

ggghgghghqqwThe initial cost, installation and upgraded cost of the shower head should be within your recommended budget. Larger shower heads are known to be more expensive than their counterparts the higher price can be a setback depending on an individual’s budget. It is also key to consider the long-term usability of the shower head before settling on the head.