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Choosing a roofing contractor to install a new roof on your commercial building or home is no simple task. There is no absolute method to be sure you have hired a roofing contractor with whom you will be satisfied. However, there are some methods to help evaluate contractors who offer proposals. To get the best services, make sure your roofing contractor has a history, which makes you feel comfortable; and a plan for your job, which assures that both of you have the same goals in mind.
Below is the information you should check when choosing a roofing contractor. The first four points explain the factors that will help you know more about the history of the contractor, while the last four will help you understand if both you and the contractor have the same goals in mind.

Roofing contractor

Place of business

Your roofing contractor should have a permanent and identifiable place of business, which should be complete with operating phone number, genuine physical address, and legal business licenses. If this information is not provided in your written proposal, make sure you inquire about it.

Insurance certificates

Usually, a qualified contractor has insurance. Many homes and commercial building owners have suffered needless expenses because they hired contractors who did not have genuine insurance certificates. Therefore, to protect your property, ask for legal insurance certificates that show workers compensation and general liability insurance.

Appropriate licenses

Every capable roofing contractor should be licensed. In fact, every county, municipality, and state have different legal requirements. Therefore, to make sure your roofing contractor has legal licenses for your area, contact your local legal department to check on the requirement.


A qualified roofing contractor should have genuine references of past clients of the same service you want from your contractor. To know if the contractor satisfactorily completed the job, contact the past customers of your contractor. You can look at a few jobs because it is the best way to be sure you have chosen the best roof contractor you need.

Detailed written proposal

Your roofing contractor should present a complete and detailed written proposal, which describes the work to be done, the cost of the work, warranty included, completion time frame, and terms of payment. The proposal will help you understand if both of you have the same goals in mind.

Changes in the contract

A capable roofing contractor should be able to inform you how any changes in the contract scope of work will be priced. Changes can happen if you subtract work from the contractor or add tasks to your roof contractor. Additionally, changes can occur if your roof contractor encounters unforeseen conditions, which were not realized at the start of the job.

Payment in advance

Your roofing contractor should not expect payment in advance for work that has not been started. If, however, your contractor requests payment for materials after they have been delivered, make sure you see a copy of the invoice. Also, have your contractor provide you with a lien release from the supplier for the amount of the payment.

Written warranty

Make sure your roofing contractor provides a written warranty that covers deficiencies in both workmanship and materials. Normally, sample copies of the warranty are provided with the proposal. To be safe, be sure you carefully read the warranty and ask questions about the parts you do not understand.