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How to Get Rid of Bats

What Attracts Bats to Your Home?

Just like other animals bats follow the paths with least resistance. They thrive in areas with shelter, food and no predators. If your property is in an area with many species of bats, do not be surprised when they try to be your family members. You will find bats in quiet, dark and enclosed spaces where there is a minimal disturbance by bad weather or predators. Naturally, they live in caves. This is why your attic, shed and barn will be very attractive to them in search of safety.

Why Do Bats Settle?

  • hanging batTo digest a meal. As we all know bats are active at night that is when they can see. So, after a long night of feeding, they will find a place to hang as they digest last night’s catch. You can call this resting.
  • Hibernation. Bats will look for stable conditions where they can hibernate during the cold months. They will play dead until the cold season is out. You will find them in groups to make use of each other’s body for warmth.
  • Breeding. Bats choose safe and protected places for the creation of nursery colonies. This is where the female bats nurse their babies to self-dependence. A hundred mothers can share the same colony.

What Are You Supposed to Do on Seeing a Bat?

Bats are timid animals and will do anything to stay away from people. It is for this reason why you should be careful if you encounter one at a personal level. Many of them will be carrying babies. Those that do not carry babies are more likely to bet distracted and show themselves to humans. Do not handle the bat with bare hands because they bite to protect themselves. Bat bites spread rubies hence the need to be extra careful.

Bat Bites

settled batsBat bites are not painful; you might not notice it. Many people are bitten while asleep never to realize they were bitten. In case a family member gets exposed to bats and you are not sure whether they were bit, capture it and bring it to the hospital alongside the person for testing. Rabies is rare, so there is no need to panic, but it is better safe than sorry.

Getting Rid of Bats

If a bat gets in the house through an open window or door, the best way to get rid of it is by closing the doors and windows of adjacent rooms to where it resides. Give it a few hours, and it will leave by itself. If you do not have the patience or it decides to stay, capture it and release it outside.